Issue 11: Curriculum Development for TVET – Various Approaches

TVET@Asia Issue 11, June 2018

Editors: Rolf Gennrich (International Senior Expert TVET-Asia), Georg Spöttl (University of Bremen, Steinbeis-Transferzentrum InnoVET), Mohd Yusoff Abu Bakar (National Youth Institute of Higher Skills Temerloh)


Rolf Burghardt Gennrich (International Senior Expert TVET-Asia), Georg Spöttl (University of Bremen), Mohd Yusoff Abu Bakar (National Youth Institute of Advanced Skills Temerloh)

Work-Process Based Development of Curricula: A Framework

Georg Spöttl (University of Bremen), Gert Loose (University of Bremen, ITB)

Application of work process based curriculum development at STEP Institute of Art, Design & Management, Pakistan

Gouhar Pirzada (Institute of Art, Design & Management (IADM), Project of STEP)

Curricula Approaches and Competence Development for Secondary Vocational Education Schools in Palestine

Malaka Samara (Logica Consultancy Centre)

Work Process Based Curricula for TVET in Vietnam – inevitable tendency and how to prevent a functional curriculum

Xuan Tien Vo (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam)

Work- and learning tasks as a central element of a work process orientated curriculum

Sven Schulte (TU Dortmund University, Germany)

Alignment of the Curriculum to the Development of the Industrial World (Revitalization Program of Vocational High Schools in Indonesia)

Bruri Triyono (Yogyakarta State University Indonesia), Dewi Eka Murniati (Yogyakarta State University)

Good Practices in TVET for disadvantaged young people in rural Cambodia

Geoff Berry (PLAN International), Sovann Suos (PLAN International), Moniphea Leng (PLAN International)