Issue 12: Technical Didactics as a theoretical basis for an effective practical implementation of TVET

TVET@Asia Issue 12,

Editors: Martin Hartmann (TU Dresden University) Diep Phuong Chi (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education) Mustapha Ramlee (Sultan Idris University) Bruri Triyono (Yogyakarta State University)

Qualitative Interview as a tool of Job Analysis in TVET Vietnam: Perspectives and Concepts

Augmenting Teachers’ Training with technical didactics and contemporary practices for effective TVET in Beauty sector of Pakistan

Development of a Training Process of Engineering Students’ Collaborative Problem-Solving Competency through Organizing Experiential Learning Activities – A Case Study in Vietnam

Barriers of Project-Based Learning in Teaching and Learning of Chinese Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET): A review

Facilitating the development of students’ generic green skills in TVET: an ESD pedagogical model

Digital Didactics: New field in the Education’s Philosophy

Integrating Essential Skills into Training Programs at Ho Chi Minh City Vocational College: Implementation Process and Results

“Digital Media in TVET”